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The 1st USB modchip for all PS3/PS3 Slim with Firmware 3.41 or lower! Plug&Hack your PS3,
to play games and homebrew software
directly from the internal or external hdd!

The 1st Dual Firmware Add-On, compatible with both Toshiba-Samsung and Hitachi-LG drives of XBOX360!
Choose with the switch the firmware you wish to boot your console!

Worlds Exclusive Product!
Worlds' First modchip compatible with all PS2 models with Plug&Play installation!
Boot all your P$2 safety backups with Swap Magic Disks and the safest possible way...

G1 Plug-In Lusifer Pro Lusifer mod G2 Plug-In G3 Plug-In

Worlds Exclusive Product!
Worlds' First modchip compatible with all Xbox models and all LPC modchips!
Plug&Hack with the official X-elixis Plug-Ins or any LPC modchip ever designed for Xbox...

X-elixis Basic X-elixis Pro X-tasis Plus X-Adaptor Plug-In X-Programmer Plug-In
X-tasis Basic X-tasis Pro X-tasis Plus X-elixis plus Standalone Cooming Soon

Other No-Swap modchip solutions for PS2/Xbox consoles, with exclusive features!
All these products can be upgraded after the installation for future support...
Octapus Ice Octapus Revolution Devil mod with Switch Devil mod 2 Lpcmod