Play$tation2 Plug&Play Hacking - Ok - Worlds Exclusive!
Play$tation2/P$two Minimum Soldering - Soon - 1-1-2006!
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Worlds Exclusive Product!

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Only 10 minutes, one Philips type screwdriver and a pair
of pincers required for the installation of Lusifer mod!
With simple Plug&Play actions (No-Sodlering),
you may now hack your brand new Play$tation2, allowing original imports and backups to be loaded
with Swap Magic Disks and 1 easy swap!

Are U gonna Risk it with Soldering?

The installation of Lusifer mod in V9/V10 consoles will be performed by a 15 years old girl, called L1:

"I managed to install L-mod V9 in less than 10 minutes
and I will show you how easy it is!
Meanwhile, for any damage you may cause in your PS2,
you are responsible about that, Don't blame me..."

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Use the Philips type screwdriver to unscrew the 8 screws that are hiding under the 8 plastic pads,
from the bottom side of PS2 console.

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Lift the Top cap of PS2.

Warning: By opening your PS2 console,
you are voiding the quarantee shield!

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Unscrew 2 screws that are holding
Joystic/Memory socket.

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Unscrew 2 screws that are holding
the Ventilator.

Warning: 1 screw is hiding, underneath Power Switch!

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Put the Top cap back in its place
and remove the Bottom cap.

Now remove all parts metal parts and you will see 2 Ribbon Cables, where Octapus (G3 Plug-In) will be plugged into!

Disconnect those 2 Ribbon Cables from P$2 mainboard and remove the one that is connected to Eject/Reset Buttons.

Plug the Ribbon Cable of to G3 Plug-In connector, keeping the right directions shown in the photo.

Plug G3 Plug-In to P$2 mainboard, by pressing it smoothly into the connectors. Ensure that G3 Plug-In edges are properly connected.

Plug G3 Plug-In edge to Eject/Reset Buttons.

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Put back all parts in their place and hold Eject Button continuously, to check Lusifer mod fanctionality.
If everything is ok, the DVD-Rom tray will automatically open
and installation has successfully finished!