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Low Stock!

X-elixis Basic package is compatible with all Xbox manifactured on 2002, 2003 and 2005, with minimum required soldering (9pads + 1wire). It works as a modchip with 256 Kb Flash Rom, upgradeable with Evolution-X Software directly from Xbox!
It can be easilly expanded with all X-elixis Plug-Ins with simply Plug&play actions!

Installation Info

Installation of X-elixis Basic requires the minimum possible soldering! First solder X-elixis LPC connector with only 9pads + 1wire to solder in the top side of Xbox mainboard and then Plug&Play with any official X-elixis Plug-In!

Simple plug any X-elixis Plug-In to replace the original M$ Bios and unplug it for your console to work in the original way...

Products Info

- Works on ALL Xbox manifactured on 2002 & 2004 (v1.0/v1.1/v1.2/v1.6)
- User-Friendly Installation (9 Pads + 1 wire)
- Flash Upgredable Device (256Kb Bios)
- Low Voltage Device (3.3V)
- Optimum Signal Performance
- Power Indicator Included
- Plug&Play Extendable

After the installation of X-elixis LPC connector (9pads + 1wire to solder),
Plug&Play with any official X-elixis Plug-In or any other LPC modchip designed for Xbox!

X-elixis Basic Plug-In

X-elixis Pro Plug-In

X-elixis Plus Plug-In

X-Adaptor Plug-In

X-Programmer Plug-In

Use this Plug-In to hold an extra 256Kb bios, for backup perposes.

Use this Plug-In to program your SST9LF020 Flash Roms.

Use this Plug-In for v1.3 & v1.4 Xbox models with XboxLive Switch.

Use this Plug-In to adapt any LPC modchip available for Xbox.

Use this Plug-In to program any official X-elixis Plug-In.