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- V6 consoles - 2nd Generation console

model scph-3000xR sticker

1 extra screw in the expansion bay

--> Mainboard type#3

This type of mainboard is compatible with all V6 and V6R consoles.

It has a normal type connector, that connects the reset-eject button with a 7-pins Ribbon cable.

This picture shows a reversed type of connector.
Normal type connectors have the contacts in the bottom side.

--> Power supply type#2

This type of power supply is compatible with all versions (V4, V4R, V5, V6, V6R) except V3.

--> Cd-tray type#4

This type of Cd-tray is compatible with V6 and V6R consoles.

--> Laser Eye type#3

This type of Laser Eye has less weight than the previous ones.
It is compatible with V6 and V6R consoles, but not with V5.

--> Heat Sink type#4

This type of Heat sink is compatible with V6 and V6R consoles.