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--> 1st Generation PAL-consoles

-> c1 PAL consoles




c1, is the first PS2 that was releashed only in Europe market,
with three-piece mainboard.
Many specialized PS2 technics, believe that c1, are the official beta versions of PS2 in Europe!

-> c2 PAL consoles




c2, is a total diferent PS2 than c1.
Mainboard, power supply, heatsink, are diferent. But the Laser Eye, is the same, like in all 1st Generation consoles.

-> c3 PAL consoles




c3, is the same with c2, with one-piece mainboard, the same power-supply.

-> c3R PAL consoles



c3R, is a mixed version of c3 & c3R. All the console, is like a c3 model, except from the sticker, which is SCPH-30004R...

For this reason, c3R is a 1st Generation console.



-> c2R PAL consoles




2nd Generation Laser eyes, have better laser adjustment, and new disign!
c2R is the first 2nd Generation console in PAL systems.

-> c4R PAL consoles




Brand new Laser, with minimized weight!
Definatelly the better Laser eye in PS2 history!